“Long COVID”—in which symptoms drag on for more than 3 months—afflicts up to 60,000 people in the UK, The Guardian reports.

There’s a lot of news about which countries’ COVID-19 responses are falling flat.     But in a briefing yesterday, WHO called out countries’ successes, singling out Thailand, Mongolia, Mauritius, and others.  

COVID-19 stressors driven depression symptoms in the US up by 3X—to 27.8% from 8.5% pre-pandemic, according to a new survey in JAMA Network Open.

Lately, COVID-19 headlines have been trained on 3 hotspots: the US, Brazil, and India.  

Steroids are set to become the new standard of care for severe COVID-19 cases after not 1, but 3 studies showed the inexpensive drugs reduced deaths in the sickest patients, 

“I call this the road to medical hell.”   That’s how 91-year-old infectious disease expert Calvin Kunin describes the wanton overuse of antibiotics in a 1950s flu epidemic—and now during COVID-19.   The COVID-era antibiotic of choice is azithromycin, a “very, very valuable…

A fresh polio outbreak in Sudan was triggered by a vaccine-derived virus from Chad, WHO announced yesterday.   WHO declared Africa wild poliovirus-free last week—but that good news was tempered by the possibility of vaccine-derived outbreaks like this one. In rare cases,…

People with sickle cell disease are considered at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19—but researchers wonder if just carrying 1 copy of the sickle cell gene ups the risk, 

“Contact tracing” is better-known in the US than ever.