Antibody-mediated herd immunity has not been achieved in most regions, according to a

In the US CDC’s 

Think arsenic exposure is a relic of poisonings past?   Not so.  

The devastation of the late 19th century bubonic plague is often obscured from Mumbai’s public consciousness—yet it was fundamental to how the city looks today.  

No syringes. No beds. But plenty of anger over as protesters lambasted Paraguay’s slow vaccine rollout as infections spike.

Vaccination may be a pass to certain activities—but what about actual vaccine passports?  

Bangladesh’s Second Public Health Photo Contest winners reveal stark public health challenges—from food insecurity, to the lack of housing options in megacities like Dhaka, to the scarcity of safe drinking water. They also illuminate—in vivid, vibrant detail—photography’s…

The latest mutation of concern: A sample in Oregon was found to contain both the B.1.1.7 coronavirus mutation first discovered in the UK and the E484K mutation known as “Eek,” which has been found in variants in South Africa, Brazil, and New York City.  

Data visualizations have been key to COVID-19 public messaging—but “counter-visualizations”  have been leveraged by coronavirus skeptics and anti-maskers.  

After initially rejecting Johnson & Johnson vaccines—saying they were “very good” but “not as good” as the Moderna and Pfizer’s—Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan walked back his statement,