An alarming surge of cases in Europe—new cases doubled in the last 2 weeks in more than half of the member states—should serve as a wake-up call, the WHO warned yesterday, 

Humans have a long history of shunning the ill.   HIV rained stigma down on gay men and injecting drug users. And, in India, leprosy was grounds for divorce until last year.  Stigma undermines the effectiveness of public health interventions, adding to the “hidden burden”…

More details are emerging about a whistleblower complaint describing a pattern of involuntary hysterectomies of ICE detainees at a Georgia immigration detention center.  

Fumes that leaked from a state-owned animal vaccine plant in Lanzhou, China last year have caused 3,200+ cases of brucellosis, according to an investigation by health aut

Devastating wildfires have cloaked the US West Coast in filthy air that has now reached the East Coast and even Europe, 

Urban “safety net hospitals” in the US are still closing in alarming numbers, even as the communities they serve—predominantly the poor and people of color—are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.   Unlike rural facilities—which have been shuttering at a shocking pace…

During the coronavirus lockdown in Nepal, hospital births dropped 50%, and stillbirths and infant deaths rose by about the same amount, according to 

COVID-19 has derailed global health and development by nearly every indicator—setting back vaccine coverage, for example, by 25 years in just 25 weeks, according to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s sobering new 

More than 100,000 Chinese citizens have already been given a COVID-19 vaccine before safety trials were completed, a state-owned company behind 3 vaccine candidates said Monday, Vox report

Just ~$5 per person could be enough to prevent the next catastrophic pandemic, says Gro Harlem Brundtland, a former WHO director-general. If the nearly $40 billion price tag sounds steep, consider COVID-19’s $11 trillion cost, says Brundtland, who co-…