“Once you feel bad, this disease doesn’t give you more time”—that’s what it’s like to discover you have Chagas disease, explained one sufferer in Mexico.   He was lucky to find treatment—most cases in Mexico are never diagnosed.

Pfizer announced yesterday that it has begun an early stage clinical trial of an oral antiviral to fight COVID-19,

Ravaged by new surges, Brazil is now the pandemic’s epicenter as daily deaths top 3,000 and the health system is collapsing,

The US has endured a week of mass shootings from the March 16 shooting of 8 people in 3 Atlanta spas to yesterday’s Boulder, Colorado attack that left 10 people dead in a supermarket, 

It’s a pandemic mystery: Initially mild or asymptomatic COVID-19 cases that launch a “stubborn and complex array of symptoms” that can ebb and flow for months.  

Early results from several studies suggest that pregnant women vaccinated against COVID-19 may pass some immunity to their babies.   They found that pregnant women who received an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine had:

AstraZeneca said it will release up-to-date results within 48 hours after being stung last night by an independent US monitoring panel’s concerns that the company had relied on “outdated information” in the promising analysis of its COVID-19 vaccine’s efficacy data.   The…

A Confidence Booster for AZ Vax The AstraZeneca vaccine rollercoaster ride that started last week with a steep dive on concerns about the vaccine’s possible link to blood clots turned sharply upwards today on news of stronger than expected efficacy in a 32,000-person…

The AstraZeneca COVID-19 shot is good to go in Europe again after the European Medicines Agency found that the jab’s benefits 

In West Virginia—a hotbed of the opioid crisis—HIV cases related to intravenous drug use are spiking amid the cancellation of a 2018 needle exchange program.