Racial bias is built into analytics software designed to target services to the neediest patients, according to a 

A new algorithm from University College London researchers could boost the tricky business of determining a person’s risk of developing active TB.

Of the 59,000 global rabies deaths a year, one-third occur in India, spurred by a swelling population of unvaccinated stray dogs and a dearth of lifesaving rabies shots. As a result, people die needlessly from dog bites.  

Kelli Dillon longed to have a second chance at motherhood upon her release from prison.   Instead, she was told she might have cancer, was chained, and lined up with 4 other prisoners for “assembly-line” surgery.   But that was a lie: She’d been intentionally sterilized.…

The Lancet’s new 2019 Global Burden of Disease report finds consistent improvements in h

White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator Deborah Birx has been praised as a data-driven task master. She has also aggressively undermined the CDC and sometimes pushed the president’s position over scientific consensus, a Science investigation found.   The most…

Remdesivir and other treatments had little-to-no effect on mortality, duration of hospital stays, or the need for ventilators among COVID-19 patients, according to interim results of the

New Zealand has been seen as a global superstar in terms of COVID-19 response efforts, quickly topping the Government Response Stringency Index and at one point achieving

The world needs to hurry up if global targets to stamp out tuberculosis—the world’s deadliest infectious killer—are going to be met, according to the WHO’s latest report.  

The White House is “openly embracing” a controversial herd immunity strategy in a bid to end lockdowns over the objections of top scientists,