A coalition of health and humanitarian organizations came out swinging today, claiming that Pfizer and Moderna are ‘profiteering’ by charging 5X the cost of production of its COVID-19 vaccines.  

A nation’s president getting a COVID-19 vaccine is no longer news, but it is in Tanzania.

Early in the pandemic, there were dire predictions about a tidal wave of COVID cases hitting sub-Saharan African, overwhelming already struggling health systems. For much of the pandemic, those terrifying predictions didn’t materialize, perplexing researchers. But a year…

Washington has backpedaled its relaxed mask guidance, and is poised to announce a vaccine mandate for federal employees and contractors today,

Soon after the first cases of COVID-19 were detected in Pakistan, in March, 2020, the government shut down all non-essential services, including outpatient care for an array of diseases not requiring emergency treatment. As a result, Médecins Sans Frontières was forced to…

The CDC has identified the first cases of a dangerous, drug-resistant fungal infection in previously untreated people in the US.

In announcing the settlement yesterday with the 3 biggest opioid distributors and drugmaker Johnson & Johnson, a group of state attorneys general acknowledge the compensation is insufficient for those who lost loved ones to opioids,

New COVID-19 cases in the US have nearly tripled in the last 2 weeks, hitting 37,000 on Tuesday and pushing exhausted health workers to their limits once again, the

American’s life expectancy dropped 1.5 years in 2020—to 77 years, 4 months.

Health workforces in wealthy countries lean heavily on staff from the global South—and demand is only rising as health worker deaths from COVID-19 add to wealthy countries’ demand for foreign health workers.