COVID-19 patients with weakened immune systems may be acting as incubators for the mutating virus, according to a new theory,

The wealthy vs. developing countries’ scuffle over patent rights to COVID-19 vaccines has intensified at the World Trade Organization this week.

“It’s been a revolution,” says Judith Breuer, a virologist at University College London.   In just over a year, the virus that causes COVID-19 has become the most sequenced virus of all time. And the pandemic is the first to be tracked in real time.

Among COVID-19’s many casualties: A global focus on the growing dangers of antibiotic resistance.  

In America’s jumbled sea of COVID-19 vaccine eligibility guidelines, medically vulnerable people are being left behind. 

Health systems are struggling with the tension between  COVID-19’s immediate demands and the long-term struggle against tuberculosis—one of the deadliest infectious diseases.  

In the US CDC’s 

The devastation of the late 19th century bubonic plague is often obscured from Mumbai’s public consciousness—yet it was fundamental to how the city looks today.  

No syringes. No beds. But plenty of anger over as protesters lambasted Paraguay’s slow vaccine rollout as infections spike.