In a Marin County, California elementary school—where masks and social distancing were in place—an unvaccinated teacher unmasked for story time. Within days of discovering she had been infected with the Delta variant, half her class had it, too.   The case study was…

2 Japanese prefectures suspended use of Moderna shots yesterday after the discovery of more contaminated doses and the report of the deaths of 2 men after receiving their second Moderna jabs, The Japan Times reports.

Giving young children a vaccine-drug combo during the time they are most vulnerable could cut malaria deaths and illness by 70%,

Time’s up to get to the bottom of COVID-19 origins, write the authors of last spring’s WHO report in a 

As the Delta variant swept through the US, vaccine effectiveness at preventing infection fell from about 90% to 66%, according to 

The Taliban’s victory in Kabul could mean a devastating reversal of progress against maternal and child mortality in Afghanistan.  

President Biden’s plan to offer COVID-19 vaccine boosters to Americans this fall is raising eyebrows among some scientists.  

The CDC has put into a motion a plan to better forecast disease threats using real-time data and analytics.  

Worrisome data on breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated in the US persuaded the Biden administration to embrace a COVID-19 booster strategy that will start as early as mid-September, 

After a grueling 18 months+ of COVID-19, the last thing most people want to think about is the next global health crisis. Nature’s Amy Maxmen talks with more than a dozen experts from around the world who are hard at work doing just that.